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Posted by brasseriebread on October 15, 2010



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‘My Long Relationship With Mr. Bread’The Gook, 3 July

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‘Brasserie Bread – Art of Sourdough class’, Crunchy Tiger, 23 April

‘Artisan Bread Making at Brasserie Bread’Adobo Down Under, 7 April



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‘Masterchef Live 2011 – Brasserie Bread Artisan Baking Workshop’, Crunchy Tiger, 7 November


‘Super Seeds & Grains Workshop’, When The World Stops Spinning, 18 October 2011

‘Postcards from Brasserie Bread’, Cook Republic, 17 October 2011

‘Brasserie Bread class: Artisan Baking – The Art of Sourdough’, Dining with a Stud, 6 October 2011

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‘Brasserie Bread Artisan Baking Workshop – Seeds & Grains, Banksmeadow’, Cats Love Cooking, 13 September 2011

‘Artisan baking with seeds and grains at Brasserie Bread, Banksmeadow’, Gastronomous Anonymous, 12 September 2011

‘Brasserie Bread Grains and Seeds Workshop’, Corridor Kitchen, 9 September 2011

‘Brasserie Bread Artisan Baking with Seeds and Grains Workshop’, Gourmantic, 4 September 2011


‘Brasserie Bread Artisan Workshop’, Nourish Body-Mind-Spirit, 30 July 2011

‘Use Your Loaf And Bake Some Bread’, Lifestyle, 4 July 2011


‘Brasserie Bread baking class- Artisan Pastry, Cakes & Tarts’, Spoon Fork and Chopsticks


Say it with Flour‘, Valentine’s Day Baking Class (Feb ’11), 8 May 2011


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‘Brasserie Bread Gluten-free cooking class’, Spice and More, 7 April 2011


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Christmas Pies & Puddings WorkshopSimon Food Favourites, 26 November 2010


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‘My brioche workout and a behind-the-scenes visit to Brasserie Bread’, Mytinerary


‘The Art of Shaping Bread’, SBS Food, 16 September 2011

‘Saturday Baking’, Rockpool


‘Home Baker Workshop at Brasserie Bread’, Jenius


‘The Home Baker – Brasserie Bread Workshop’, The Heart of Food

‘Brasserie Bread, Banksmeadow – Baking with Brioche’, Chocolatesuze

‘Baking with Brioche Workshop’, Grab Your Fork

‘Baking with Brioche at Brasserie Bread’, Procrastinating Baker


‘Kids’ Baking Class at Brasserie Bread’, Cooking without a Parachute



‘Grains & Seeds Baking Class’, Eat Show and Tell


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2008 & earlier

‘Learning the Art of Artisan Bread Making’ , The Food Zeitgeist, 22 October 2008

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Physical Knead‘, Sydney Morning Herald, 26 December 2003




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