Sour Cherry

Fruit loaf
Succulent sour cherries meet currants and raisins to give this loaf a unique sweet and sour flavour. Perfect for breakfast toast or fruit bread to accompany cheese.
 Nutritional Information  Average Quantity - per 100g  Per Serving
 Typical Serving 2 slices  Energy  944 kJ  849.6 kJ
 Average Serving Size  90 grams  Protein  5.6 g  5.04 g
  Weight  500 grams  Fat Total  0.8 g  0.72 g
Ingredients  - Fat Saturated  0.14 g  0.13 g
Wheat Flour (Thiamine, Folate) (Gluten), Water, Raisins & Currants (22%), Rye flour (Rye), Sour Cherries (2%), Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Malt Powder.  Carbohydrate  46.33 g  41.7 g
 Sugars  16.27 g  14.64 g
 Sodium  406 mg  365.4 mg
 * All products are manufactured in an environment that also processes sesame seeds, soy, tree nuts and gluten.