The craft of baking.

At the heart of Brasserie Bread is a strong commitment to the craft of baking. Since the days of the small village baker, our industry has experienced significant growth and has been afforded a number of technical efficiencies. Despite this, we believe that artisan bread is the result of the choices made throughout the baking process. We focus on the quality of our ingredients, the skill of our bakers, and the integrity of our process to create truly delicious, artisan bread.

Brasserie Bread - Artisan Baker


Michael along with Founder and Non-Executive Director, Tony Papas of Allpress Coffee, set out to master the craft of baking sourdough and pioneer the artisan bread movement in Australia.

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Single Origin

Our business is built on three simple ingredients – flour, water and salt – so it is imperative that we seek out the finest flour, water and salt possible.

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Bound by their passion for flavour and quality, our team are committed to innovation and celebrating the source in each and every loaf.

Meet Our Team


We have built our business by using the finest ingredients possible. We seek out like-minded suppliers and partners who deliver quality and understand flavour, building long-standing relationships that ensure consistency for our customers.

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We are constantly on the look-out for people who are mad about flavour, creative to the core, adaptable, and team players.

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