Doolin Agriculture – Gwydir Shire


Doolin Agriculture is a family operated farm in North Star NSW responsible for growing our single origin Lancer Wheat. Farmer and owner, Simon Doolin, believes sustainability is key to continuing producing premium quality, high-level protein wheat.

For the Doolins, looking after their soil was an important learning curve. Around 30 years ago, Simon’s family came to realise that due to advances in farming technology, their farm soil was losing beneficial structure and organic matter from its original characteristics. They gradually moved into no-till farming, a way of growing crops or pasture from year to year without disturbing the soil through mechanical agitation. With time, they came to appreciate and harvest the benefits realised from a healthy soil and the ongoing biological activity in their field.

Simon uses crop rotation technique combining 3 crops; wheat, chickpeas and sorghum. This holistic technique means all crops complement each other in many ways. The chickpea crops provide necessary nitrogen to the soil, that is key for protein development in our wheat. The sorghum crops provide essential minerals to other crops. The stubble from all harvested crops is never removed or burnt providing protection to all future wheat seedlings. In essence, all crops benefit from the use of these sustainable practices.

This year, the farmer saw a fantastic start to the season with substantial rainfall over the crop around April and May. The drier warm weather conditions that followed has resulted in an excellent quality Lancer grain with strong protein levels at 14% and a rich golden colour.

It is always a rewarding experience for our team to be connected with the farmers behind such sustainable operations. In our recent team visit to North Star, we have observed first-hand the healthy worm activity within the crumbly soil and the never-ending fields of gold. It is no wonder why this region is known as “The Golden Triangle”.
Simon and Sandy are looking forward to tasting the fruits of this year’s labour as we begin to bake sourdough that represents the true flavour, nutrition and quality of the grain his region is well-known to offer.

A big thank you to Sandy and Simon for their beautiful wheat and friendship!



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