#mushiesonsourdough at Australian Mushrooms media event

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Miguel Maestre, one of the nation’s most loved chefs, has teamed up with Australian Mushrooms to re-inspire parents in the kitchen, with a series of chef tips for making meals much healthier and tastier.

The celebrity chef has pledged his commitment to taking the stress out of mealtimes and says that getting the entire family to eat simple, delicious and nutritious meals comes down to some easy to remember hacks.

“We all want to be better cooks and create meals like those we see on TV or in our social media feeds but that’s not the reality for most Australian parents,” said Maestre.

Brasserie Bread was very excited to be an in-kind food supporter to their exciting media event last week. At the event, participants learned top tips from Miguel on how to create simple and delicious family meals that require minimal efforts, such as the Classic Mushrooms on Sourdough and Black Skin Roasted Mushroom Chicken.

Check out some event action shots!

The full, robust flavour of sourdough is an ideal match for the unique, earthy flavour of Australian mushrooms. The way sourdough holds its structure is perfect for soaking up mushroom juices, making it a quick and delicious meal.

Mushrooms are packed with a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They’re an important source of B vitamins, vitamin D, folate, potassium and selenium. Mushrooms are also rich in umami, a rich, brothy taste that helps complement many meats, vegetables and herbs. In fact, mushrooms are so flavoursome that additional salt is often unnecessary.

Recipes to #mushiesonsoudough and Miguel Maestre’s Black Skin Roasted Mushroom Chicken here:




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