Inspiring the world about artisan baking

In recent interview with startup WeTeachMe, Brasserie Bread’s Co-founder Michael Klausen spoke about what led him to passing on his passion for baking:

“I worked a lot with slow food in Sydney as a chef and was teaching cooking, so when the bakery come around it was natural to start sharing and inspiring the world of artisan baking.” Michael says.

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Today, Brasserie Bread’s Breaducation department has evolved to offer a vast array of workshops for industry partners to day-to-day consumers. We are proud to highlight some of these workshops below:

Skills for Life

Without fail, the face of each and every child lights up as the bread they baked emerges from the oven – what a wonderful way to teach kids about real, flavoursome, nutritious food.

Led by our Breaducation Manager, Anthony Silvio, we run two classes every Saturday at our Sydney bakery, a school holiday program and school excursion. Our Saturday children’s baking classes are free of charge, because hosting these classes is as much fun for us as it is for the kids.

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Empowering our Customers

Customers are at the centre of our thinking and planning. Being Chef-led, we understand our industry partner’s experience and that our food service customers need our products to help them to be successful and profitable.

At Brasserie Bread, we bake bread filled with nutrition and flavour, working with farmers from the best wheat growing regions in Australia. It’s important to us that bread eaters are getting the very best, so what better way to help our customers make better choices than to teach them what we know?

With this thought in mind, we are increasingly offering sessions focused on our food service partners. These hands-on baking workshops are currently held in Sydney and Melbourne bakeries and are designed to introduce industry leaders to the joy of baking artisan bread.

Learn New Tricks

Our Adult classes are suited for +18yrs participants with all levels of baking experience welcome.

At these introductory classes, participants will learn the traditions and techniques of Artisan baking where an appreciation of the finest ingredients and honouring the process of traditional bread making is completed with learning to bake from the heart.

Some of the fantastic hands-on classes we offer include:

 The Art of Sourdough – where participants learn about sourdough starters and processes of long fermentation that are crucial to making sourdough.

The Home Baker Workshop – Get down to the basics of hand mixing, hand moulding, shaping and baking beautiful bread as well as gaining the knowledge and skills to bake beautiful bread at home.

Baking with Brioche – This workshop teaches participants how to make their own buttery rich brioche dough, and to use it in a variety of sweet & savoury artisan recipes. From beautiful sticky buns to Bresanne pastries, they will also make a traditional coulibiac and learn how to use brioche dough to cook ‘en croute’.

Team Building – Forget boring icebreakers and lavish lunches. Our private team building sessions are designed to teach team more about what goes into making a delicious loaf of bread, gaining skills and making friends along the way.

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