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The food at Lawsons Bistro is focused on the grill, featuring a variety of steak, seafood, and salads on the menu. At the helm Chef Colin Yabsley not only looks after the bistro, but also the cafe, Italian restaurant, bar food, and catering within Wentworthville Leagues Club. His kitchen is full of young guys (he’s got a brigade of over 34 chefs!) who eat out a lot and who care about food. Many of them hail from hatted restaurants.

Burgers at Lawsons Bistro

In the last 6 months, Lawsons Bistro has introduced a new focus on burgers made with quality ingredients. The burgers are all about variety – different flavours and different textures. One of the most popular burgers on the menu is the cranky crab burger: spiced soft shell crab, coleslaw, chilli relish, onions, and sriracha mayo are served on Brasserie Bread milk bun. Originally a crab salad, it evolved into a burger over time. The chefs make the batter of the soft shell crab from scratch, and the same goes for beef patties or dipping sauces for chips.

For the cheese lovers, the cheesemeister burger is the way to go: beef patty, cheddar, pepper jack and Swiss, bacon, American mustard, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, and onion all on Brasserie Bread milk bun. Or when a chicken schnitty on its own isn’t enough, sink your teeth into the birdy bacon burger, constructed with chicken schnitzel, bacon, avocado, cheese, tomato, and rocket with peri peri mayo.

Lawsons Bistro is within Wenty Leagues Club. The sporting and community club has a plethora of restaurants and bars. Plus everything from squash, cricket, indoor bowls, to even darts is on offer.

Lawsons Bistro
Wenty Leagues Club
50 Smith St, Wentworthville, NSW
Open daily for lunch and dinner

soft shell crab burger

Soft shell crab burger

chicken burger

Chicken burger

The Cheesemeister

The Cheesemeister



Lawn bowls at Wenty Leagues Club


Lawsons Bistro

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