Hot Cross Buns: for Saints AND Sinners

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Welcome to Hot Cross Bun Season! Don’t be the fool at the table this Easter going ‘Hot Cross huh?’ Here are some interesting facts on their sordid past, ironic how they’ve been tied to one of the holiest of Holidays in efforts to mask the traces of their sinful beginnings…

  • Hot Cross Buns actually predate the arrival of Christianity in the UK
  • The cross on top of Hot Cross Buns originally represented the pagan sun wheel, not the Easter crucifixion.
  • Protestants monarchs tried to ban the buns, as it was rumoured that Catholics were baking them from the consecrated dough used to bake communion wafers.
  • It was Queen Elizabeth the 1st who eventually ‘converted’ the buns to Christianity and declared that the buns may only be eaten at funerals, Easter and Christmas.
  • Hot cross buns were hawked by street-sellers to the cry of “Hot Cross Buns!” around the nineteenth century. This particular way of selling wares is demonstrated in the movie “Oliver!”

Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns!
One a penny two a penny – Hot cross buns
If you have no daughters, give them to your sons
One a penny two a penny – Hot cross buns

We know Easter is still a month away, alright, we’ve jumped the gun.

Real Hot Cross Buns

These are our Real Hot Cross Buns; the Authentics, the old-guard. A traditional spicy Easter tea bun made from a sweet yeasted dough enriched with eggs and butter. It’s made with only the best quality spices ground and blended for us.

Chocolate & Sour Cherry Hot Cross Buns

Most of us here have had the pleasure (and the unneeded 2kg) of trialling the recipe development of these new Chocolate & Sour Cherry Hot Cross buns over the last month. A unique twist on tradition, they’re made from a recipe combining delicious bitter Dark Belgian Chocolate, Sour Cherries, unsweetened Cocoa, wheat and wholemeal flour, sugar and butter. I would go so far as to say they are obscenely scrumptious. The dieting deities would most definitely not approve.

Remember, you can pick them up at your preferred stockist! Alternatively, we’d love to see you in our Cafe.

Traditional Hot Cross Buns

Chocolate & Sour Cherry Hot Cross Bun

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