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Update: Business has closed down

Chef Alan Dennett is passionate about keeping food simple yet delicious. His office catering company has been delivering mouth-watering food to Sydney offices for about a year now.

Peppermint Office Catering is a business that reflects its title: green, simple, crisp and clean. The philosophy behind this catering company is one that aims to be eco-friendly, sustainable and real.

The sandwich platters are always a favourite amongst customers, but Alan points out that finger food is getting increasingly popular. The finger food menu has a distinctive international skew – ranging from lamb kofta skewers and vodka cured salmon dill blinis to Japanese takoyaki.

Everything on the menu is made from scratch except of course our breads and sweet treats.

Three things we love about Peppermint:

1. The variety, range and need for quality produce

Alan takes our cakes and other sweet goods and puts his own spin on it – like our awesome Spelt & Honey Banana Bread that he serves with lemon mascarpone.

The focus is on high quality products and that’s apparent in his choice of ingredients and products. When we visit Alan in the Peppermint kitchen, I get to try some Old Telegraph Road Fire Engine Red cheese. Put that on a piece of our Rye Loaf and I’m a happy camper!

2. An eco-friendly approach

Alan’s passion for an eco-friendly lifestyle was heavily inspired by his stay in the Solomons. Everything was natural and beautiful in an untouched way. And he lived in a house made of leaves and bamboo. The eco-friendly and sustainable approach isn’t just something that Alan abides by in his personal life. Alan uses BioCups, which are made of corn starch, and biodegradable cutlery and plates that are made of betel leaves.

3. Delivery to your office

Best of all Alan and his team can tailor your office catering needs accordingly. So whether it’s an elaborate lunch spread or a quick internal meeting over morning tea, Peppermint Office Catering can custom make a delicious menu just for you and your office.

Just imagine, for your next corporate meeting, you could be feasting on our yummy cakes or pastries!

Seeded Baguette Sandwich

New York Rye deliciousness

Assorted sandwiches using our lovely Petit Pains

Mini beef burgers with cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce & gherkins on our Slider Brioche Bun

homemade hummus

Homemade Hummus

Deliciously fresh and tasty tzatziki

Alan only uses biodegradable plates



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