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About Brasserie Bread

Brasserie Bread has been baking beautiful artisan sourdough for many years, supplying some of the best restaurants and cafes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the ACT. We make real sourdough bread, starting with the preparation of our starter culture. Our starter is now 20 years old and gives our sourdough bread its complex flavour and crumb structure. We believe this tradition should be shared through eating and educating.


Learn artisan techniques to bake sourdough, croissants, choux pastry or grain bread. All classes are hands on and you'll go home with your baked creations.

Baking Classes

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Sourdough Batard

We won Champion Artisan Bread for our Batard at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2016! We also picked up gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Champion Bread

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