Celebrate the Source

Each of our artisan bread products are baked fresh daily with skill and care, many using single origin wheat that can be traced back to the source. Working with dedicated farmers in Australia’s renowned wheat growing districts, we work hard to celebrate the source in each and every loaf we bake.

We supply award-winning bread to loyal locals and iconic companies in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

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What's Happening?

Loading the trucks

Our drivers are at the bakery loading the trucks chock full of fresh, artisan bread, pastries and cakes ready for our hungry customers.

Our Products

From our award-winning sourdough to the most delicious pastries, we strive to produce the best quality products we possibly can.

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Champions of Sourdough

Our 21-year old natural yeast starter has been lovingly nurtured, providing our sourdough with its award-winning flavour, refined crumb structure and reassuring crust.

Sourdough Products

The Finest Ingredients

Working with like-minded farmers in the Southern Flinders Rangers and Gwydir Shire regions, we use specially crafted grain to produce, moreish sourdough that reflects the character and moods of its region of origin.

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One of our greatest joys is to share our knowledge with Australians of all ages in our baking classes. It’s important to us that bread eaters are getting the very best, so what better way to help consumers make better choices than to teach them what we know?


You’re never too old to learn some new tricks, especially magical sourdough tricks.



We love watching their faces light up as their bread comes out of the oven and you will too.


Team Building

Our hands on baking classes are great for corporates and groups.


In The Dough

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